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The fully analog circuit of the SIC DOWN BOX is designed to expand the sound spectrum of your instrument without disrupting your playing habits or the clarity of your sound. In parallel with your original sound, the SIC DOWN BOX generates a signal at the lower octave and allows you to choose up to which frequency this signal is active through the Range potentiometer. In addition, the 2 octave sounds – as well as the ability to send the filtered sound only to another effect – and the 2 dedicated effects loops (direct, octave) will allow you to create textures of unique richness and complexity.

Double the bass of your chords without muddying them, widen your polyphony while maintaining impeccable clarity, or experiment with all the possibilities that the SIC DOWN BOX opens up for transforming your instrument into an orchestra!


ON (BYPASS): true bypass. The effects loops and the octave are deactivated when the pedal is in bypass.

OCTAVE: Activates the lower octave and the dedicated effects loop.


SMOOTH: lower octave with a smooth sound approaching a sine wave

FILTER ONLY: filtered signal only (without lower octave). Allows for an external effect to be applied (via the dedicated effects loop) on the frequency range selected through the Range control.

ROUGH: lower octave with a rougher and more percussive sound.


DIRECT: adjusts the volume of the direct sound of your instrument

OCTAVE: adjusts the volume of the lower octave

RANGE: sets the cutoff frequency beyond which the lower octave is deactivated.

Effects Loops

– SEND: sends (to the input of the effect/effects)

– RETURN: returns (from the output of the effect/effects) Note: the effects loops are automatically bypassed (the signal passes unaffected) if no jack is connected to the SEND


IN: input (from instrument)
OUT: output (to amplifier)
9V: 9V power supply (center negative). Warning: only use a suitable power supply. No battery power available.

Weight and dimensions

Maximum weight: 360 g
Approximate dimensions: 7.5×12.5×8 cm


Warning: Be sure to check the summary table on the page of the item you want to purchase before making your order. Direct sale items are unique and may or may not include certain controls.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for in stock?

Create your own SIC BOX by choosing the options you want!


Can’t find what you’re looking for in stock?

Create your own SIC BOX by choosing the options you want!